Gavin Evans

Founder and Director

Gavin was born and raised in the Otway Ranges on prime dairy farming river flats that the Evans family settled in the 1880’s and continue to farm. These rural roots are combined with a highly commercial view of the world and what is required to drive successful organisations.


This is especially clear in Gavin’s vision and approach to sustainable farming models and how businesses in the supply chain need to be run and operated in the 21st Century and beyond.

Gavin has over 20 years’ experience in corporate strategy, finance, business transformation & executive management roles. This experience has been spread over various industries in Australia, Asia, Europe & the UK. Those industry sectors include agribusiness, investment banking, nancial services, professional services, tourism, manufacturing & logistics.

This vast experience culminated in Gavin founding Evans Agribusiness Trading (EAT) Group in 2008. Gavin is filling the role of CEO of Camperdown Powder, a key EAT Group project.

Gavin has a Bachelor of Commerce degree.


  • In depth experience in developing and managing both agribusiness, investment banking, production & supply chain business operating models
  • Hands on experience in farm practices and management
  • Brings a unique ability to build the bridge between investors, off take agreement clients (demand side), operational management and farmers (supply side) by being a credible operator in each space
  • 20 years experience in Financial & Professional Services as well as Investment Banking transformation initiatives. Complimented by significant Start Up experience across agribusiness and other sectors
  • Detailed operational experience in managing a business from an ‘end to end’ perceptive
  • Track record of developing & executing strategic plans to drive business growth
  • Strong governance and risk management skills central to the strategic management of the business
  • Advice in relation to exporting, wholesaling, retailing and sourcing production capabilities