Brendan McKeegan

Founder and Director

Brendan is an entrepreneur who specialises in building international markets for Australian companies. He has worked and built businesses and distribution channels in the USA, Canada, Japan, Korea, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Vietnam, UK, Germany, France, Brazil and New Zealand.


Brendan possesses both the commercial and business knowledge to quickly grasp emerging opportunities and successfully navigate a route to market. He also has practical experience in branding and marketing specifically focused on positioning premium Australian products and services.

Brendan has created many business successes across a range of industry sectors including Hitwise, which was purchased by Experian in April 2007 for US$240M and Emue Technologies, an Australian authentication technology business that licensed its products to Visa Europe.

Brendan leverages his experience in brand building, marketing and distribution to create local and export opportunities for EAT’s portfolio companies. Recently, Brendan was the Head of Business Development & Sales at Camperdown Powder.

Brendan holds a Bachelor of Information Technology degree.


  • Successful dealmaker with access to an established global network of peers who specialise in early stage and growth businesses, access to capital and personal relationships in a variety of industries.
  • Track record in global commerce including, importing, wholesaling, retailing and sourcing production capabilities.
  • Supply chain management including negotiating supply contracts, freight management and optimisation, and cash flow management.
  • Experience in intellectual property & contracts including developing patents, trademarks and design registration, and contract negotiation (supply, licensing, distribution)
  • Capital raising and trade sales including preparation for an exit event (due diligence disciplines), negotiations with investors and terms sheet and shareholder agreement negotiations
  • Sales and marketing, including developing go to market strategies, securing and managing resellers and sales agents, negotiating terms, identifying strategic partners, PR and marketing (strategy and execution), and provision of media contacts.