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EAT Group combines their experience in agriculture, finance, international markets and food manufacturing to identify opportunities to aggregate assets across supply chains that are capable of meeting global demand for premium Australian food products.



Demand lead investment in agricultural assets to build long term capacity in a sustainable manner.

From now until 2050, it is estimated that approximately $600 billion in capital will be required to meet the growth in demand for agriculture commodities and related infrastructure in Australia. An additional $400 billion will also be needed to support the generational transition of the ageing farming population.

EAT Group creates and manages vertically integrated Australian agribusinesses with a focus on providing solutions for food sustainability challenges globally.

This means identifying customer demand for premium branded Australian food products first, then sourcing downstream off-take agreements and investing in suitable Australian supply chain assets (food processing and agricultural land assets) that can meet the existing and future demand requirements on a long term basis.

In order to facilitate direct investment in high growth agriculture projects, EAT Group has established a ‘Select’ wholesale investment fund that provides sophisticated investors the ability to invest directly in one of EAT’s agriculture projects via an independently managed fund.

EAT also recognises that agriculture investment is seen as an alternative asset class for many. We see our role as specialists who can assist in reducing risks and improving returns in an asset class that is poised to grow exponentially over the next few decades.

To find out more about participating as an investor in Australia’s agriculture and food products boom, download a copy of our Investment Memorandum.

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Securing Multiple Supply Sources

In Asia alone, the middle class consists of 525 million people, accounting for 28 per cent of the global middle class and this number will triple to 1.74 billion by 2020. Over 70 per cent of the growth in global demand until 2020 will come from Asia, with private consumption reaching US$8.6 billion.

It is well recognised that we have only commenced our move into a true ‘global economy’ which is being rapidly facilitated by the internet. At EAT, we see the world as a global economy where the supply of agricultural commodities will be driven by accelerated consumer demand requiring quality food produce to meet the needs of the growing middle classes.

We believe Australia’s primary role in a global economy is as a supplier of premium packaged food for the world’s population who demand and can afford the best.

EAT Group takes a proactive approach to agriculture trading by identifying and managing multiple supply opportunities that can be matched to a portfolio of agriculture assets.


Engineering Success

With a mix of ‘hands-on’ farming experience, business development, financing and investment management, EAT Group can assist stakeholders across the supply chain including investors, farmers and commodity buyers.


For investors, we provide an investment platform (wholesale fund) for direct investment in agribusiness projects and specialist advisory services to identify opportunities in Australian agriculture and assist with risk mitigation to maximise investment returns.


For farmers we provide access to downstream revenues through a unique brand licensing model that enables them to benefit from the ‘premium’ prices being paid for quality Australian products.


We work with key distributors in global markets who understand how to position and sell premium Australian food products. We develop long term relationships across multiple product categories to create efficient and effect distribution channels.


Proudly presenting a selection of our portfolio companies.

King Island Beef

EAT Group has formed a joint venture with King Island farmers to build a state-of-the-art processing plant on King Island and create an exclusive branded product for distribution into the world’s most exclusive restaurants and hotels – putting the brand back where it should be!

Australia Plant Based Proteins

EAT Group have successfully trialed the production of a high protein powder made from Faba Beans, Lentis and other legumes. This high protein powder is designed for the growing demand of protein products that are soy, dairy and gluten free. EAT is now in the process of designing a full scale production facility.



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Global beef supply to outstrip demand in 2017

GLOBAL beef supply is starting to outstrip demand but Australian farmgate prices are expected to be shielded by domestic fundamentals running counter to the international trend.

For Australian beef exporters, the opportunity – against a backdrop of rising world supply exerting downward pressure on beef prices – will lay in enhancing value proposition, particularly in relation to supply chain assurances, say the experts.

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CSIRO publishes Food & Agribusiness Roadmap


CSIRO publishes Food & Agribusiness Roadmap

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